MagneMotion QuickStick Linear Synchronous Motor Transport

MagnemOtion QuickStick ConveyorIntelligent Alternative to Pallet Conveyor Systems

MagneMotion’s QuickStick Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) transport and positioning conveyor systems for large loads provides the assembly automation market a faster, cleaner, and more efficient alternative to pallet conveyor systems.

The modules are configured end-to-end creating electro-magnetic force to propel carriers and their payloads through automated assembly and process systems at speeds up to 10 times faster than traditional systems. The result is a conveyor system that provides increased throughput and a lower cost of ownership.

  • Independent and bi-directional payload propulsion and control
  • Eliminates the need for third party systems to increase throughput
  • Fewer moving parts results in lower maintenance
  • QuickStick (QS) motors can be mounted outside a glove box or enclosure
  • Lower energy requirements due to highly efficient synchronous motors