Olympus Controls: Top 100 Companies to Work for in 2017

Olympus named #8 medium-sized company in Oregon

Olympus controls has been named one of the top 100 medium-sized companies (#8!) to work for in Oregon for 2017. We’re honored by this award and the hard work our team puts in every day. Some words from our CEO and Founder, Scott Hendrickson, to our team:

“Olympus Controls was voted one of the 100 Best Companies to work for in Oregon.  The award is given by Oregon Business Magazine and the results are a combination of objective factors (compensation plan, health/dental insurance, vacation policy, 401k Plan/match, etc.) and subjective feedback from our employees via a confidential online survey. I consider this to be one of the highest accolades we could ever receive because it didn’t come from one of our supplier partners or valued clients, it came from all of you – our awesome employees!!

As the leader of Olympus Controls, I see my top three responsibilities as: setting our business strategy, building the Olympus Controls brand, and developing and continuously improving our company culture. For me, the last is the most important because without the right environment and culture we will never reach our company’s full potential.  I have seen a lot of companies that have  brilliant strategies and brands but they don’t value their employees. I see this as being a chronic problem with many companies; they are more focused on shareholder return than about each stakeholder in the company that is creating that value.  

I love the Peter Drucker line “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch.” He is so right…if companies don’t take care of their people, their people can’t (and won’t) take care of either their clients or their suppliers. I know that our most important “assets” walk out the door each night and without all of you, we could never deliver on the goals we set and promises we make.

I am humbled by the effort and dedication that each and every employee puts into their roles at the company and how they treat and honor their co-workers as family.  The 100 Best Companies to Work in Oregon is an award that only you can give to Olympus Controls and I pledge to return that gratitude to you by continuing to lead our company with the highest integrity and investing in the areas that make you proud to walk through our doors each morning.

Your Humble Servant Leader, Scott”