AutoGuide Mobile Robots

Meet the Max N10 Mobile Robot Platform with SurePath Natural Feature LiDAR Navigation – The MAX N10 moves loads with no tape, no RFID tags, no mirrors, and is available with custom trail frames for special handling requirements, including unit-load flat-deck, custom conveyor deck, and pallet stacker units.


  • 10,000 lb trailer payload
  • Multiple standard hitches
  • Supports automated trailers
  • 4 MPH in autonomous mode with full load
  • On-board driver platform with mode switch

Pallet Stacker

  • Pallet finding and path planning
  • Up to 2,650 lb pallet handling
  • Pick pallets from floor to up to 5’ high
  • Pallet presence sensing, recognition and location
  • Precision docking
  • Auto loading and unloading
  • Bi-directional travel with collision avoidance system
  • Automatic opportunity charging