6 Reasons to Invest in Zebra RFID Technology

A range of Zebra Technologies’ RFID Technology

One of the most significant innovations of the 21st century, without a doubt, is RFID technology. This technology has made tracking, identifying, and communicating smoother and less complex. RFID systems use tags and readers that utilize radio frequency signals to communicate. This allows effortless scanning that minimizes manual labor and sets the stage for creating various automated systems.

That is not saying that RFID technology has already reached its peak and can not progress any further. Human ingenuity is yet to reach its limits, and this technology continues to innovate. Zebra RFID, in particular, has built ingenious solutions that seamlessly integrate RFID into manufacturing processes. Their hardy products have practically provided manufacturers with unprecedented insight into their people, processes, and products with a high degree of precision.

First off, though, what is RFID?

RFID is an acronym for “radio-frequency identification.” In simple terms, this technology identifies objects using radio frequency. This identification process gives businesses access to the object’s location, condition, and other information relevant to the task at hand.

According to studies, the implementation of RFID technology results in an 80% increase in picking accuracy, 90% improvement in delivery, and an increase of inventory visibility of up to 20%.

What is Zebra RFID?

Zebra RFID is a comprehensive line of RFID solutions designed for factories and manufacturing companies. This includes sturdy scanners like the 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series and innovative warehouse solutions like the TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer. Zebra’s RFID solutions also include high-performance XI series industrial printers, and rugged L10 tablets.

These products work together to build user-friendly solutions that provide accurate operational data. This data is vital as it gives companies excellent visibility into the location and condition of their manufacturing assets. The results in improved operations owing to improved data-driven decision-making.

Optimize Processes with Zebra RFID

6 Reasons to Invest in Zebra RFID

Now, let’s delve into the key reasons that make investment in RFID solutions from Zebra Technologies a smart choice.

1. Proven Technology

Zebra is known for its reliable RFID systems. They combine expertise in the craft with high-level design thinking and software development methods honed by decades’ worth of experience.

As a result, Zebra products are robust and can work in various manufacturing environments while delivering maximum efficiency. Their durability ensures long operational lifespans and low operational costs owing to reduced maintenance and repairs.

2. High Accuracy

Zebra’s family of RFID devices provide pinpoint tracking that allows manufacturers to accurately monitor the location of their assets. Zebra devices can monitor materials, products, and personnel in real-time. Gaining complete visibility on their location and condition means ensuring maximum efficiency.

3. Great Interoperability

Zebra devices work seamlessly with each other. So, opting to build your RFID tracking system exclusively with Zebra products is a logical choice. Furthermore, Zebra’s RFID devices can be connected to a single proprietary platform. This unifies the manufacturing company’s assets, allowing them to work together in sync.

As your company grows, the platform can easily scale up. Zebra devices are built to anticipate evolving challenges and maintain high performance of their components.

Automate with Zebra RFID

4. Easy Deployment

One of the top-selling points of Zebra’s RFID system is its easy setup. Zebra’s 50 years of experience in RFID technology can help build a comprehensive system without a hitch. The seamless interoperability also ensures that Zebra devices will not take much time and effort to collaborate.

5. Straightforward, User-Friendly Systems

Zebra’s RFID technology is built to minimize the intricacies of integrating RFID into your manufacturing processes. Each device is intuitive and user-friendly, reducing the training time needed.

6. Decreased Costs

On its own, RFID technology can drastically reduce the operational costs of any manufacturing company by reducing manual processes. Zebra takes this concept up a notch by combining it with durable, user-friendly devices with high-precision RFID systems.

Easy deployment, minimal maintenance, and reduced training time can take a significant amount out of your company’s expenses. Instead, costs can be allocated to activities that will bring greater productivity.

Your Go-To RFID Solutions

Building a comprehensive RFID system is challenging, but this is not the case with Zebra Technologies and Olympus Controls’ RFID technology. Zebra has a broad range of RFID solutions that are easy to implement, easy to use, and deliver beyond expectations.

Olympus Controls offer authentic, high-quality Zebra RFID products that will help you set up an RFID system that will address your company’s needs. Real-time data, deep insights, and better decision-making are right at your fingertips with our solutions.