Nanotec LSA14 – External Linear Actuator

lsa14The LAS14 small linear actuator has a 14 mm flange and delivers a maximum force of 15 N. The screw is available with trapezoidal or ACME thread, matching nuts can be selected from the accessories list. With its compact design, the LSA14 is ideal for medical devices, laboratory automation and optical technology. 

  • 3.5 mm thread diameter
  • 1 mm or 2 mm screw lead
  • 1.8° step angle
  • Integrated connector

logoNanotec also offers motor controllers for this linear actuator. 

In the case of external linear actuators, the lead screw is permanently attached to the motor shaft and turns with the shaft when the motor is energized. If an external threaded nut – in standardized or anti-backlash version – is mounted on the lead screw and secured against rotating by an external guide, the threaded nut moves along the lead screw. 

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