Automate keeping your employees and work areas safe from virus and bacteria

LightSweep autonomous robot solution utilizes UV-C light to help kill viruses and bacteria on work surfaces. This powerful solution works when your facility is closed so you can open more safely in the morning.

LightSweep, is a UVC light disinfection solution built on top of a MiR AMR base and features a novel, swiveling UVC light bar at the top of the robot. By changing the angle of the top UVC light bar, LightSweep can optimize the UV light hitting the surface of a table/desk/counter, thus maximizing the disinfection operation.

hospital room

cleaning work areaValue packages with all accessories and training start at $92,000

  • Automated nightly cleaning of your facility with UV-C Light
  • Improve Employee safety and confidence in their workspace
  • Certified 3rd Party Lab Testing of office space
  • Decimeter Cards for your facility
  • Patent Pending Provider
  • Selectable illumination to extend batteries
  • Optional Spary attachement
  • Articulating Light to reach even more areas (LightSweep)
  • In-fared Scanner to protect Employees at night
  • Made in the USA

Technical Details
Running time: 6 hours of running time with full lighting
Turning radius: 520 mm / 20 in (around center of robot)
Traversable gap: 20 mm / 0.8 in

Battery: Li-NMC
Automatic self charging with base station

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