Machine Tending Application Workshop for Collaborative Robotics

Olympus Controls is hosting a free, 2-day technical workshop, with presentations by Robotiq, on best practices for machine tending applications in the framework of Industry 4.0.  Learn more about concepts such as continuous supply of materials, production rate, uptime, I/O signals, and device interfacing.  With a focus on ROI, cycle time improvement and waste reduction, this application workshop is a core essential for anyone who wants to work towards a fully automated cobot cell.

After this workshop, you will be ready to design, integrated and operate a cobot cell for machine tending applications.

machine tendingAgenda:

  1. Introduction
    1. Cobots and Robotiq
    2. Lean Robotics methodology
  2. Hands-on Workshop
    1. Design: Project preparation, manual to robotized task mapping, cell mapping and layout, ROI calculation
    2. Integrate: Plug + Play products, interfacing to machine, robot programming, Skills, I/Os
    3. Operate: Production management and optimization

Machine Tending Application Workshop
June 6 & 7, 2018
Tualatin, OR 97062


Start Production Faster!

lean robotics

This FREE workshop is intended for machine shop owners, operators and managers, integration and engineering personnel with limited knowledge in robotics and automation. There is a MAX capacity of 15 people with all hardware provided for the training to enable hands-on training of machine tending applications.