Cody James

What is your job title, and what does that position entail?

Robot Specialist, I am focused on our robot products and help customers identify the right robotic solution for their application.

How long have you worked at Olympus, where did you come from? A little history of how you got involved with Olympus?

I have worked for at Olympus May 2015. My friend Nick Armenta, the north Texas sales engineer, told me that his company was hiring for an applications engineer, and I applied. My first “interview” was at the opening day for the Texas Rangers when the Olympus team in the Gulf was tailgating the game. After that, I had my formal interview at the headquarters in Tualatin, OR, and was hired a month later.

What do you like best about working at Olympus?

Olympus has the best company culture, hands down. Every year when we go up to our headquarters in Tualatin, OR for our company-wide meeting, I feel like everyone I talk to is a true friend. The comradery and teamwork amongst all levels of the company is truly amazing.

Describe a little of your past history.

I started school at McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas, and was the first student to graduate there with a Field of Study in Engineering. From there, I transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington (Go Mavs!) to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Nuclear Engineering.

Describe some of your hobbies – what do you like to do outside of work?

I love to travel and explore the outdoors. On any given weekend I could be fishing, hiking, or kayaking with my wife, or we could be camping out in our converted Ford Camper Van.

What are some key lessons you have taken from your career thus far?  

A major lesson I have learned so far is that you have to keep learning! Technology and innovations are moving at such a fast rate that things we learn today may be obsolete a year from now. Staying abreast of these new technologies allows you to be aware of what is now possible, and to be able to truly offer the best solution to your customers.

What is one thing your customers might find surprising about you?

In 2017, my fiancée (now wife) and I bought a used Ford Econoline cargo van and converted it into a camper van to use on road trips. We then drove it from our house in Carrollton, TX to Yosemite National Park in California to be married in front of Bridal Veil falls. On our way back we hung out around Lake Tahoe, took lots of pictures of bison in Yellowstone National Park, and visited the giant heads of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. It was a great honeymoon!