Sammie Schindler
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What is your job at Olympus Controls?
I am in my first year of Customer Service in the Gulf. I input orders, place and follow the orders with the factory until they are delivered to the Customer, and I make sure that we get paid for that order! I order Demos, keep up with the inventory, and do some shipping and receiving, order supplies and anything else that need to be done.

How long have you worked at Olympus, where did you come from?
I have been with Olympus since May 2009, but only full time since time April 2013. Prior to that, I worked for Delta Airlines as a Baggage Service agent at DFW. During a “furlough” period at Delta, Kathy Purser offered me job in shipping and receiving when she was with Texonics. I did that for six months and then off to another venture. (I think the Dog Spa). We always remained friends. I happened to be helping out a second time with the shipping and receiving at Texonics when Olympus Controls bought Texonics. I felt blessed that they decided to hire me on!

What do you like best about working at Olympus?
The PEOPLE. I have never felt so much like family at a company. Feels good to have 2 families! Our Building in the Gulf is pretty unique too. I think it’s pretty and I take pride in it.

Describe some of your hobbies – what do you like to do outside of work?
I like Gardening, I like to read, I like home interior type hobbies, like Horse Racing, SLOT machines, bowling. My favorite thing is in the backyard, laughing by the pool with my friends, my dogs and my Husband of 20 years!

Has anything exciting or interesting ever happened to you?
YES! I had ovarian cancer and kicked its BUTT! With a lot of help from my Olympus family!

Have you traveled to any place exotic or interesting?
Jamaica, Cancun. I remember saying (back in the day) that I would never get married unless I could go to Hawaii on my Honeymoon. I’ve been married twice now, AND worked for Delta, had free flights, and still have not been there. That might need to be on my Bucket List.

What is one thing your customers might find surprising about you?
I have a Twin sister (AKA Twisted Sister)