Employee Spotlight: Molly Tegman, Office Administrator

Starting out fulfilling leads and counting inventory parts on a part time basis, Molly has worked at Olympus Controls for 12 years. Learn more about this Packers Fan and self proclaimed perfectionist. 
June 6, 2013

Employee Spotlight: Kathy Purser, Customer Service Supervisor

This month the Employee Spotlight shines on Kathy Purser, a member of the Gulf Area Customer Service Team for 20 years. read about Kathy >
March 14, 2013

Employee Spotlight: Dave Kennedy, Senior Automation Sales Engineer

Now’s your chance to learn a little more about Dave, who has been at Olympus…
December 10, 2012

Employee Spotlight: Bruce Hagerty, Senior Engineer

“I have a ton of advise that I would give younger me, if I felt…
November 6, 2012