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Cab develops and manufactures solutions and a large amount of accessories for product marking. The product range includes label printers, print & apply systems, label dispensers and marking laser systems. In addition, cab provides ribbons and labels for the perfect imprint.

HERMES Q with Robotic Applicator

Product Focus: Hermes Q

HERMES Q is a fully automated print & apply solution. It has been designed for printing and applying labels automatically in production lines. Labels are applied by applicators, using transfer modules to roll, blow or tamp labels on products or packages.  Robot integration enables universal labeling of different label formats and flexible labeling positions.

Product Focus: Stroke Applicator 4414

The stroke applicator 4414 is ideal for applying labels very small or midsized in real time from all sides. Positions to which labels shall be applied can be adjusted in directions x and y.

The pad locates in front of the peel-off plate. It picks up a label while it is being printed. Powered by two short stroke cylinders, the pad is brought into position. The label is transferred to a product by a stroke cylinder. The length of the stroke cylinder defines the maximum distance of a product to the peel-off plate.

Product Focus: AXON 2 Tube Labeling System

AXON 2 suits for labeling tubes individually as a manual workstation or integrated in sample processing systems

Tubes of diameters 10 to 20 mm can be processed, capped or uncapped. Printing and labeling take less than two seconds. After the tubes have been labeled, they can be removed one by one or be ejected to a tray. Self-explanatory symbols enable intuitive operation. The label roll and the ribbon are easy to remove.

In stand-alone operation, when no PC is connected, variable data are set with a keyboard or a scanner. Power may be supplied by 110 to 240 VAC voltage or 36 to 60 VDC voltage, 24 VDC on request.

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