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Cognex Corporation is the world’s leading provider of vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and surface inspection systems used in manufacturing automation.  Cognex is also a leader in industrial ID readers.  Cognex vision helps improve quality, eliminate production errors, lower manufacturing costs and exceed consumer expectations for high quality products at an affordable price.

DataMan 370 - Unparalleled Flexibility
In-Sight 2800 - Vision Made Easy
3D Inspections in a Smart Camera

Product Focus: In-Sight 2800 - Vision Made Easy

The In-Sight 2800 makes vision simple for beginners and experts alike. This fully integrated vision system combines deep learning with traditional rule-based vision to solve a wide range of inspection applications. From simple presence/absence detection to advanced categorization and sorting tasks, In-Sight 2800 provides an easy to deploy solution for error-proofing.
Designed for factory automation, In-Sight 2800 enables manufacturers of all size to:
  • Increase product quality – Catch small, subtle defects with optimized error detection.
  • Maximize operational efficiency – Leverage your existing workforce and keep your lines running with fast, intuitive job setup.
  • Streamline integration – Take the guesswork out of image optimization and identify the correct combination of accessories in a few button clicks.

Product Focus: DataMan 80

Boost throughput and operational efficiency with DataMan 80 series barcode readers. These image-based readers leverage advanced algorithms to track items throughout manufacturing and logistics facilities.

With Power over Ethernet (PoE) and USB connection options, these flexible readers decode direct part marks (DPMs) as well as damaged and obscured 1D/2D label-based codes, across a range of industries, environments, and applications.

  • Solve tough manufacturing and logistics applications
  • One-cable setup, multiple benefits
  • Out-of-the-box scanning and flexible kitting

Product Focus: In-Sight 3D-L4000

Bringing 3D Inspection to In-Sight Smart Camera, the In-Sight 3D-L4000 is a breakthrough in three-dimensional (3D) vision technology. This unique vision system combines 3D laser displacement technology with a smart camera allowing factory engineers to quickly, accurately, and cost effectively solve a wide variety of inspections.

The patented speckle-free blue laser optics, an industry first, acquires high quality 3D images and on-board high-performance processing powers a comprehensive set of true 3D vision tools, without the need for external processing. 3D vision tools are set up as easily as 2D vision tools thanks to the familiar and robust In-Sight spreadsheet environment.


Product Focus: In-Sight D900

Solves challenging OCR, assembly verification, and defect detection applications

The In-Sight D900 is a smart camera powered by In-Sight ViDi software designed specifically to run deep learning applications. This embedded solution helps factory automation customers easily solve challenging industrial OCR, assembly verification, and random defect detection applications anywhere on the line that have gone uninspected because they are often too difficult to program with traditional, rule-based machine vision tools.

In-Sight ViDi applications are deployed on the In-Sight D900 smart camera without the need for a PC, making deep learning technology accessible to non-programmers.


Product Focus: ViDI Deep Learning-Based Software

Innovative deep learning software solves complex inspection applications

VisionPro ViDi is the best-in-class deep learning vision software designed specifically for manufacturing. It is a field-tested, optimized, and reliable software solution based on a state-of-the-art set of machine learning algorithms. Combining deep learning technology with VisionPro software, VisionPro ViDi solves complex applications that are too difficult, time-consuming, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems.

VisionPro ViDi combines a comprehensive machine vision tool library with advanced deep learning tools inside a common development and deployment framework. It simplifies the development of highly variable vision applications. The Addition of Color greatly increases the amount of data available which allows for the Deep learning of the Cognex VIDI to perform more sophisticated decision making.

Flexible programming interface

Through a graphical programming environment, VisionPro ViDi allows engineers to build flexible, highly customized deep learning solutions tailored to their specific needs. By harnessing the power of a Windows-based PC with GPUs, the software can process hundreds of images per minute. Programmers can build end-to-end solutions to suit their individual requirements.

Innovative deep learning tools

VisionPro ViDi provides traditional vision users access to example-based deep learning tools. These tools are optimized for AI inspections in a manufacturing environment and require smaller image sets for quicker training. The user-friendly GUI also provides a simple environment to manage and develop your applications. Choose between Blue-Locate, Red-Analyze, Green-Classify, and Blue-Read tools to solve applications that are too complex for traditional rule-based machine vision approaches.


Product Focus: In-Sight VC200 Multi Smart Camera Vision System

The In-Sight® VC200 multi smart camera vision system brings the proven reliability of standalone In-Sight vision systems to multi camera vision applications. You can easily attach up to four In-Sight smart cameras to a controller for multi-view inspections in your manufacturing environment. For the first time, you can leverage the power of distributed computing with multiple smart cameras for high-performance applications.

While traditional multi-camera systems slow down with each additional camera, the processing power of the In-Sight VC200 vision system actually increases with each smart camera added. This incremental power is possible because each smart camera contains its own processor—this allows you to run In-Sight vision tools, such as PatMax Redline, independently on each camera with no reduction in speed of the overall application regardless of how many cameras are attached.


Information is coming soon.

Product Focus: In-Sight 7000 Gen II

The In-Sight 7000 Gen II vision system represents a breakthrough in flexibility, performance and ease of integration.  This powerful vision system performs fast accurate inspections while its compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained production lines.  The unique, modular design is highly field-customizable to your application requirements.

  • Field-interchangeable lighting and optics provides users ultimate flexibility to customize the system for their application.
  • Full suite of powerful Cognex algorithms and vision tools help you solve applications easily and reliably.
  • Intuitive EasyBuilder interface allows both novice and experienced users to setup and monitor vision applications.
  • In-Sight spreadsheet provide ultimate control through direct access to vision tools and communications options.


Information coming soon.

Product Focus: In-Sight Micro

Make it small. Make it smart. Make it easy. Make it colorful! Cognex has achieved all of this and more with the next-generation In-Sight® Micro vision system. In-Sight Micro packs an entire vision system into an amazingly small package measuring just 30mm x 30mm x 60mm—the size of a remote head camera.

World’s smallest stand-alone 5MP vision system

The In-Sight Micro 8405 is an ultra-compact 5MP (megapixel) vision system that is a perfect option for integrating into small spaces. The small form factor features Power over Ethernet to minimize cabling and offers high speed communication with Gigabit Ethernet so the In-Sight 8405 truly goes where no vision system has gone before. This model offers a large field of view as well as high resolution and optimized vision tools to ensure no sacrifice in speed and performance.


Information coming soon.

Product Focus: In-Sight 9000 Area Scan

The In-Sight 9000 is a rugged, ultra-high-resolution line of standalone vision systems. With its ability to acquire and process exceptionally detailed images, the In-Sight 9000 delivers high accuracy part location, measurement, and inspection over a large area—even when mounted at longer distances. Line scan and area scan image acquisition options are available for imaging continuously moving or stationary objects. Plus, a full suite of vision tools configurable through the In-Sight EasyBuilder interface solves a wide range of applications across industries.

Large field of view without sacrificing resolution
The In-Sight 9000 captures a large field of view which allows users to inspect sizable objects while maintaining exceptional image resolution. This also enables customers to mount the vision system away from conveyors and maintain a safe distance from hazardous equipment.

A single camera solution to multi-camera applications
The In-Sight 9000 eliminates the need to install multiple cameras in applications with large objects or parts. As a single camera solution, the In-Sight 9000 reduces complexity, calibration requirements, and cost compared to multi-camera systems. The self-contained unit reduces the amount of equipment to be installed on space-restricted production lines. Plus, IP67-rated housing protects the system from liquids and dust without the need for an external enclosure.

Line scan and area scan image acquisition options
The In-Sight 9000 offers both line scan and area scan image acquisition methods.


Product Focus: In-Sight 9902L Line Scan Smart Camera

The In-Sight 9902L 2K line scan smart camera is a high resolution self-contained vision system ideal for detailed inspections of large, cylindrical, or continuously moving objects. The 9902L acquires up to 16,000 lines of 2,000 pixels per line to produce a 32MP image that can used to detect even the smallest features and defects. Each pixel line is acquired at 67,000 lines per second to keep up with the fastest production lines. This standalone vision system only requires a small view of the target part, making it an ideal choice for installations with restrictive field of view or mounting space requirements.


Information coming soon.

Product Focus: In-Sight Laser Profiler

The In-Sight™ laser profiler is a measurement system used to verify that a part’s dimensions meet specifications.  Then In-Sight laser profiler is configured using the In-Sight EasyBuilder user interface.  This intuitive, easy-to-use software makes it simple for manufacturing and quality engineers to develop, deploy and support high accuracy measurements on the factory floor.

  1. Accurately acquire profiles
  2. Easily extract features and construct reference points
  3. Perform correct and repeatable measurements

The In-Sight laser profiler generates an accurate 2D profile of an object along a laser line.  The 2D profile provides precise geometric information that can be sued to verify that an object is defect-free and meets specifications.  The In-Sight laser profiler is easy to use and factory calibrated to ensure accurate and repeatable measurement results.


Information coming soon.

Product Focus: DataMan 150/260 Fixed Mount Barcode Readers

The next evolution in the DataMan Fixed Mount family. The DataMan 150/260 readers are fully configurable to meet the demand of ID applications today. The DataMan 150 can be configured as a RS-232 or USB device,
while the DataMan 260 is an Ethernet based reader. Each can be configured as a straight through or right
angle device, and have various lighting and lensing options, including band pass and polarization filters.

The DataMan 150/260 readers feature Cognex’s best-in-class algorithms, 2DMax with PowerGrid™ and
1DMax with HotBars II™. The DataMan 150/260 readers will be available in various models giving them the
ability to handle the broad range of codes found in the field today, from printed labels to hard to read DPM

The DataMan 150/260 readers are configurable to meet a wide variety of applications, including field
configurable lensing and lighting options, and configuration as a straight or right-angle device, reducing the
overall footprint of the reader. Included in the lensing options is a liquid lens configuration, allowing for easy
setup and on the fly focus adjustment. The DataMan 150/260 readers also have a user interface panel that
allows for push button tuning and triggering, and LED feedback on device status. All of this combines to
provide an ease of use not found in other products.


Product Focus: DataMan 8600 Series

DataMan® 8600 series image-based ID readers provide the world’s most advanced barcode reading technology for decoding DPM, 2-D and 1-D codes of varying sizes, quality and marking or printing methods. These handheld DPM barcode readers are designed for the harshest factory floor environments.

Equipped with an advanced imaging system and patented flexible lighting technology, the DataMan 8600 series of barcode readers decode the most challenging Direct Part Mark (DPM) barcodes on the widest variety of surfaces. And, the modular communication design supports Ethernet with Industrial Protocols as well as corded and wireless modules to ensure the DataMan 8600 series of readers are ready to meet your application communication requirements.

Cognex’s most powerful algorithms, 2DMax+ ™ and 1DMax+™with Hotbars,™ enable the DataMan 8600 series image-based readers to decode the most challenging DPM barcodes in the most demanding industrial conditions.


Product Focus: In-Sight 2000 Vision Sensor

The In-Sight 2000 Series Vision Sensor includes an integrated, high-performance image formation system consisting of field interchangeable lenses and a patent-pending LED ring light that produces even, diffuse illumination across the entire image and eliminates the need for costly external lighting. Lenses and a variety of colored lights can be easily swapped out as needed to meet application requirements.

Together with the In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder® interface, which provides a fast, step-by-step application setup, the In-Sight 2000 series allows even novice users to achieve extremely reliable inspection performance in nearly any production environment. In-Sight 2000 series vision sensors can also be configured for in-line and right-angle mounting installation.


Information coming soon.

Product Focus: DataMan 370 Barcode Reader

Superior read performance for the broadest range of applications

DataMan 370 series fixed-mount barcode readers solve challenging direct part mark (DPM) and label-based code applications. With twice the computing power of conventional readers in its class, the DataMan 370 delivers faster decode speeds for greater throughput per facility, even when applications have multiple codes and symbologies.

2X read performance and power
DataMan 370 series barcode readers are optimized with the latest decoding algorithms, including new 1D/2D Auto-Discrimination, to ensure fast and superior read rate performance for 1D and 2D codes. DataMan 370’s multi-core processor enables it to run these algorithms and processes in parallel, resulting in two times the performance and power of comparable high-performance readers.

Best-in-class image formation
DataMan 370 uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging technology to acquire single images that are 16 times more detailed than conventional sensors. It globally enhances image quality and contrast, resulting in greater depth-of-field and improved handling of low contrast codes.

Modularity provides unparalleled flexibility
DataMan 370’s proven modular design shares the same lighting, lens, and communication options as other DataMan readers, providing maximum flexibility and ease-of-use. New high-powered integrated torch (HPIT) option provides unmatched illumination power, eliminating the need for external lighting.

Easy setup and operation
DataMan Setup Tool software simplifies installation and operation of Cognex barcode readers. Intelligent auto-tuning and application assistants guide the user to quickly optimize complex parameters with ease.


Product Focus: DataMan 8700DX

Cutting-edge performance for the toughest codes

DataMan 8700DX can instantly read challenging DPM and label-based codes, even when vital elements of the code are missing or damaged due to the latest advanced technology.

DataMan 8700DX is built to last in the harshest environments. It has IP67-rated housing and meets the ISO 16750-5 oil specification for oil resistance. It is submergible in one meter of water without causing damage and withstands multiple drops from 2.5 meters onto concrete.

  • 1DMax with Hotbars optimizes DataMan 8700DX for omnidirectional 1D barcode reading, decoding up to 10X the speed of conventional barcode readers.
  • 2DMax with PowerGrid is designed to read 2D codes with significant damage to or complete elimination of a code’s finder or clocking pattern, or quiet zone.
  • High dynamic range (HDR) imaging uses the latest CMOS image sensor technology to acquire single images that are significantly more detailed than conventional sensor images. This enhances image quality and contrast and captures features that are not visible without HDR.
  • A high speed multi-core processor enables much faster response times, reading codes in under 150 milliseconds.
  • High speed liquid lens technology automatically adapts to changes in working distances without any configuration or wait time focus.
  • Integrated diffuse, polarized, and direct lighting enables superior image formation to read dot peen, laser-etched, and label-based codes on shiny, cylindrical, and dark surfaces without any hot spots.


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