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FlexiBowl flexible part feeding system.

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FlexiBowl® is an innovative device to feed bulk components. It does not work with vibration, but through the combined actuation of servomotor and impulse generator. Once bulk components lie on feeder surface with the right orientation, the vision system can locate them and send coordinates to the robot for pick up.


FlexiBowl® is capable of feeding entire families of parts and does not require any retooling cost for product changeovers: product changes can be made in a matter of seconds without any trouble.

Available with four different bowl sizes: 350, 500, 650, 800 inner diameter, FlexiBowl® is highly versatile and suitable to feed a wide variety of parts, regardless of:

  • Geometry (cylindrical, complex 3D shape)
  • Surface (smooth, sticky, tangled, etc.)
  • Material (delicate, fragile, rubber and silicone)
  • Weight and Dimensions (metal molded and sheared parts)

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