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LMI Technologies is changing the way we experience 3D measurement for factory automation. By developing all-in-one 3D smart sensors that are easy to use, flexible, and extremely powerful, our technology is making part inspection and 100% quality control easier to accomplish around the world.

PC-Controlled Dimensioning System

Product Focus: Displacement Sensors- Gocator 1300

The Gocator 1300 series of smart laser displacement sensors are the next generation of high speed (32kHz) distance measuring devices.

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Product Focus: Entry-Level 3D Laser Line Profiler Sensors - Gocator 2100

Use Gocator® 2100 for cost-effective inline quality inspection applications where the highest resolution is not required.

  • VGA imager. 640 points per profile resoltuion
  • Field-of-view up to 1260mm
  • Measurement range up to 800mm

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Product Focus: Profile Sensors- Gocator 2300

The Gocator 2300 series of 3D Megapixel smart sensors reduces the cost of factory automation by making product validation easy to implement and maintain. Simple to integrate and industrially designed for the rugged needs of the factory floor, Gocator 3D smart sensors are packed with built-in tools that can have a big impact on your bottom line.

The Gocator 2320 produces repeatable results under high production volume on your electronics assembly line. It can easily achieve outstanding Z repeatability under 5um and X resolution under 20um for non-contact scans of even the smallest, most complex parts.

  • Provides 3D profile data down to micron level detail at faster speeds than the 2000 family
  • Pre-calibrated and available in various models to scan small to large objects
  • Available in laser classes ranging from 2M to 3B
  • Industrial IP67 rated housing – small size and light weight
  • Communication via Gigabit Ethernet for ultra-fast data output

Information coming soon.

Product Focus: Gocator 3504 3D Smart Snapshot Sensor

Gocator 3504 is the highest-resolution 3D snapshot sensor on the market today. Its combination of 6.7 µm XY resolution and 0.2 µm Z repeatability make this sensor ideal for detailed inline inspection of small electronic parts. An industrial stereo camera design helps see more of the part while delivering exceptional measurement stability.

Gocator 3504’s 5-megapixel stereo camera reduces occlusion and allows you to measure tiny features in a single snapshot, with the highest resolution and accuracy for an industrial structured light sensor on the market today.

Product Focus: Profile Sensors- Gocator 2400

Measure micron level features with the 2400’s 2 megapixel camera and large field of view. Scan parts for even the smallest defects and achieve superior results for 3D quality inspection. Gocator 2410 and 2420 3D smart sensors are designed for the exacting demands of electronics and medical component inspection. With the latest 2 MP imaging technology and a new processor, these sensors achieve fast scan speeds, the highest X resolution in the industry and excellent Z repeatability (0.2 µm). Plus, their use of blue lasers means they generate “cleaner” data and highly reliable results even on shiny surfaces.

Information coming soon.

Product Focus: Gocator 2512 Smart 3D Laser Line Profile Sensor

Gocator® 2512 is a specialized laser profiler for high-precision 3D scanning of glass and other specular materials including polished metals and plastics. Especially in consumer electronics (CE) assemblies, these materials are often embedded into the same housings, side by side. Gocator® 2512 has the unique ability to scan these specular and diffuse surfaces simultaneously.

Gocator® 2512 features an optimized optical design for superior glass scanning at 8 microns X resolution, 0.2 microns Z repeatability, and speeds up to 10 kHz (including scan, measure, and control).

Product Focus: Gocator 2530

3D laser profiler for shiny and challenging surfaces

Gocator® 2530 provides high speed 3D blue laser profiling, measurement, and inspection at 10 kHz—with a field of view up to 100 mm. This smart sensor is ideal for scanning in battery and consumer electronics inspection, and applications in rubber & tire scanning and general factory automation.

A custom 2 MP high speed imager, advanced optical design, and blue laser light allow the 2530 to generate high quality 3D data with highly repeatable results on shiny metal or black  materials common in battery, rubber & tire, and consumer electronics inspection and factory automation applications.

  • Scan, measure, and control at 10 kHz
  • 100 mm field of view (far end)
  • X resolution = Down to 28 microns
  • Z repeatability = 0.5 microns
  • Measurement Range (MR) = 80 mm
  • Short wavelength, high-sensitivity blue laser for “cleaner” scan data on specular surfaces

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