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Panasonic is a leader in high-technology and cost-effective automation control solutions. Their products are proven throughout the world in many industrial settings: automotive, semiconductor, packaging, OEMs, and more.

Product Focus: A4 Multiple Control Mode Servo System

The A4 Servo is the next generation of Panasonic’s Minas product line. It sports a fast frequency response of 1KHz, improved real time auto gain tuning, new vibration control features, and 2Mpps command input. The size has also been reduced up to 30% compared to our older A-Series, and along with our UL and CE certifications, the A4 Series is also in compliance with SEMI F47 Standard.

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Product Focus: A5 Series Servo

The Panasonic A5 Servo System offers high performance and function for systems where precision, smart control, safety, and easy configuration are needed.

  • 20 bits/revolution, 1.04 million pulses
  • Low cogging torque
  • Highly Functional Real-time Auto-Gain Tuning
  • 2.0 kHz frequency response
  • IP67 enclosure rating for increased environmental resistance.

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Product Focus: LP-Z

The LP-Z is equipped with 3D functionality and is particularly suitable for the marking of complex surfaces. The focus is adjusted automatically, guaranteeing stable energy density in the beam. This technology improves marking quality on large 2D surfaces up to a maximum of 330 x 330 mm². The LP-Z series is equipped with an encoder interface for the marking of objects moving down an automated production line.

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Product Focus: LP-M

The Panasonic LP-M series stands out for its high speed. With an output of up to 50 W, it makes rapid, deep markings on metal. Thanks to the optional NaviLink 3D software, you are just a few steps away from previewing the product to be marked using 3D simulation. The user can see immediately whether the marking will fit on the product and how it will look. This makes it possible to increase production efficiency, while simultaneously reducing costs.

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Product Focus: LP-S

The output power for this model was increased from 12 W to 50 W to improve deep engraving performance on metal. This allows tool-grade steels to be deep marked and black marked at high speeds. The robust housing, the exacting technical design and high-quality components meet IP67G degree of protection, enables the LP-S series to be used in even the toughest applications in the automotive and metalworking industries

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Product Focus: LP-400

Panasonic has designed the LP-400 series Laser Marking Systems for industries with particularly high demands in terms of speed and functionality. This high-quality solution provides first-class marking quality, and works a great variety of materials at a high level of precision. Some series types, with a laser beam diameter of only 95 μm, are particularly well-suited to providing difficult materials with ultra-small markings.

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