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Plug-and-play eyes for your robot

Pick-it is a plug and play product at a fixed price that guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products in different applications. The 3D camera and Pick-it software detect the 3D position, orientation and dimensions.


Product Focus: Pick-it 3D Camera

The Pick-it 3D camera can find overlapping products of varying sizes and materials, in glossy and matte colors, including with reflective surfaces and it continues working in changing and poor light conditions, even darkness.

The Pick-it camera uses structured light to calculate the 3D image. Structured light is the process of projecting a known pattern onto a scene. The way this pattern deforms allows Pick-it to calculate the depth and surface information of the products you want to be picked.

The advantage over classic 2D camera’s is that the 3D camera does not require special lighting and has no problem with reflections.

Product Focus: Pick-it Software

Connect your pc or laptop to the Pick-it processor and start configuring your application.

The configuration of a Pick-it application is done through a web interface in your Google Chrome web browser.

The Pick-it software includes:

  • An easy to configure interface
  • Integration software for all our partner robot brands
  • A lot of useful tools to speed up the setup of your applications

Product Focus: Pick-it Industrial Processor

3D vision algorithms require complex calculations and iterations to detect your products in a scattered mixed bin. 

All Pick-it software comes pre-installed on a powerful industrial processor, connecting to your robot via Ethernet. This processor includes 12 cores at 3.5 Ghz.

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