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Ready Robotics is a developer and supplier of innovative automation designed for a wide range of robotic tasks. Hire a robot and plug gaps in your workforce for a low monthly fee instead of a large upfront investment. Get a Forge Station and produce around the clock while reducing your hourly operating cost. All hardware maintenance costs covered by us. Real time monitoring to maximize uptime.

Product Focus: Forge Station

Built tough for those dirty, dangerous, repetitive tasks.  User the Forge Station to free up your valuable machinists and operators.

  • Automate a wide variety of repetitive tasks
  • Easily move it on the mobile base
  • Hot-Swap tools in minutes
  • Program it to operate multiple machines
  • IP54-rated system withstands industrial environments

Product Focus: Forge/OS

Control robots, peripherals, and end-of-arm-tooling with the same simple interface. Forge/OS uses a touch screen to control not only your robot, but a wide variety of connected peripherals like grippers, sensors, and pneumatic devices.

Never write a line of code again. You can create sophisticated programs by chaining together building blocks into flowcharts. Use branching logic to program the robot to handle variations and changes in the environment so it keeps producing for you.

Product Focus: Forge/Ctrl

All the power of a mobile Forge Station, wrapped into a small form factor package.  This one package solves thousands of applications.  You can control Yaskawa-Motoman, ABB, Fanuc and Universal Robots with the same intuitive interface.  Effortlessly attach peripherals, trigger sensors, communicate with machines, and the let the Forge/Ctrl be the brain of your automation workflow.

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