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Robotiq designs and manufactures flexible robot grippers and complimentary components. We work with robot manufacturers, integrators and end-users to deliver dexterous grippers that enable new applications and improve productivity.  Fully programmable, these Adaptive Robot Grippers can grip a wide variety of part shapes from flat, to square, to cylindrical, to irregular. These electric grippers have different gripping modes and precise control of speed, force and finger position, that give you the flexibility and precision to pick and place parts in machine tool or other production processes.

Product Focus: Insights

Insights is a software designed to help you integrate your robot faster and maximize production. It sends you a text message when the robots require your attention, and provides real-time data to monitor, troubleshoot and improve your production. With Insights, you can now get access and fully control the robot remotely. Use it to get support from your favorite robot experts, wherever they are.

Product Focus: Force Torque Sensors

Robotiq’s Force Torque Sensors give your robot the sense of touch. Because it’s a digital signal, the Force Torque Sensor is not affected by surrounding noise and provides a stable, precise measurement of force applied on the process or part.
By installing a Force Torque Sensor on your robot, you’ll be able to reliably perform the following tasks:

– Precision part insertion
– Assembly and fabrication
– Product testing

Product Focus: Hand-E Adaptive Gripper

The latest product in Robotiq’s line-up of Adaptive Grippers is Hand-E,  the first UR+ electric gripper ready for the new e-SERIES generation of Universal Robots. Hand-E’s high accuracy and 50 mm parallel stroke make it perfect for precision assembly tasks, while its sealed design ensures reliability in the toughest manufacturing conditions. 

Hand-E comes with a 3-fingertip kit so automation engineers can easily integrate the gripper in their application. Its compact and ergonomic shape makes collaborative robot hand-guiding safe and easy. A new grip check feature allows the robot to validate its grip with the part’s dimensions before starting the cycle.

  • The gripper for collaborative robots
  • Plug + Play and easy to program
  • High accuracy and wide stroke
  • Ideal for precision assembly tasks

Product Focus: 2-Finger Grippers, 85mm

Compact and flexible this 85 mm of stroke 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper has been designed to give industrial automation the flexibility needed to automate processes including a high-mix of parts. Fully programmable, this robotic gripper can handle a wide variety of parts through three distinct gripping modes: parallel grip, encompassing grip and inside pick.

Information coming soon.

Product Focus: 2-Finger Grippers, 140mm

Robotiq releases the 2-Finger 140 Adaptive Robot Gripper, a large stroke electric gripper with advanced control features. It is able to detect that a part has been picked, as well as pick soft, fragile or deformable parts without crushing them while maintaining a safe grip when the robot is moving. The new Gripper comes with a 140 mm programmable stroke and a 2 kg payload, ideal for high-mix pick and place operations for various industries such as electronics, consumer goods and logistics.

Information coming soon.

Product Focus: 3-Finger Adaptive Grippers

Designed for applications dealing with a wide variety of parts, the 3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper represents a solution to improve process flexibility and consistency. This robotic hand gives “hand-like” capabilities to robot arms in advanced robotic applications and industrial automation such as robotic welding, machine loading/unloading, bin picking and research.

Information coming soon.

Product Focus: Wrist Camera for Universal Robots

Vision-guided pick and place solution for Universal Robots that can be setup on a shop floor in 5 minutes. No external PC is required to setup, program or run the Camera. Everything is done right from the robot user interface.

The compact camera design fits perfectly on the UR wrist and offers direct connectivity to the controller. Moreover, the Robotiq Camera’s user friendly software is seamlessly embedded within Universal Robot’s graphical user interface.

Product Focus: Vacuum Grippers

EPick and AirPick are the first UR+ vacuum grippers ready for the new e-Series generation of Universal Robots.

EPick operates without air supply, which makes it highly mobile. The EPick gets easily connected to the cobot wrist and needs no air supply.

The AirPick vacuum gripper is low noise, has a powerful flow and has a compact design for cobots. These vacuum grippers can handle a wide range of applications accordingly, they are ideal for picking up even as well as uneven workpieces made of different materials such as cardboard, glass, dry sheet metal and plastic.

Product Focus: Force Copilot Intuitive Software

Force Copilot is an intuitive software to operate Universal Robots e-Series’ embedded force torque sensor. Force Copilot accelerates the programming of a whole host of applications, including part insertion and surface finding, among many others.

The software makes it easy to place objects precisely in jigs, trays, and chucks, and it facilitates assembly applications through its alignment, indexing, and insertion functions.

Force Copilot’s sensing functions increase flexibility and reliability in machine-tending, assembly, finishing, and pick-and-place applications. A suite of setup tools allows the user to hand-guide the robot on complex trajectories.

Product Focus: Screwdriver Solution

Robotiq Screwdriving Solution is designed to fix changeover issues. Within five minutes, the solution can be reconfigured for alternate production. Providing consistent screwdriving around the clock, increasing throughput with a reliable and efficient solution.

Robotiq Screwdriving URCap simplifies programming, because it automates the force- sensing capabilities, as well as the communication between the screwdriver, screw feeder, robot, and vacuum technology.

Screwdriver solution includes:

  • Robotiq Screwdriver SD-100
  • Robotiq Screw Feeder SF-300
  • Vacuum sleeves kit
  • Screwdriver bits kit
  • Robotiq Force Copilot license dongle
  • Robotiq Screwdriving URCap (application software)

Product Focus: Palletizing Solution

This complete package is ready to go. Open the box, and the hardware and software is already connected. Set-up your application in 3 easy-steps. Experience how seamless it is to use Material Handling Copilot application software.

Optimized, synchronized motion control of the cobot and 7th axis. Plus, seamless movements also mean a longer life cycle for your cobot. The Robotiq Palletizing Solution fits easily within your existing floor plan, given its small footprint. No need to reorganize your floor layout around a central robot.

What’s in the Box:

  • Robot base
  • Fully integrated vertical 7th axis
  • AirPick, bracket, suction cups
  • Status lights, pallet and box sensors
  • Cable management system
  • Application software, Material Handling Copilot

Product Focus: Machine Tending Solution

Introducing the new Machine Tending Solution; an innovative way to automate one of the most common robotic applications.

Delivering peace of mind that your machines will always be running through accessible automation:

  • Deploy in hours, on any CNC
  • Discover non-invasive CNC automation
  • Remove complexity and save time with powerful software
  • Earn a quick ROI

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