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Universal Robots has broken down the barriers. Up until now, many companies have had to abandon the idea of automating numerous tasks and processes because the traditional robots are either too large, too expensive, too noisy, or inflexible to implement.

Universal Robots are extremely compact and can be used without any safety guarding. Any facility with repetitive processes can benefit from them.  The robots are lightweight and can easily be moved around within your facility.  Programming is done intuitively. Simply grab the robot arm and show it the desired movement. The robot will then remember the movements. The robot is controlled from a handy, touch-sensitive screen with a graphical user interface.

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UR16e for Heavy Payload Applications
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Product Focus: UR3e

The UR3e collaborative robot is a smaller collaborative table-top robot, perfect for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios. The compact table-top cobot weighs only 24.3 lbs (11 kg), but has a payload of 6.6 lbs (3 kg),  ±360-degree rotation on all wrist joints, and infinite rotation on the end joint.

Product Focus: UR5e

Built with the future in mind, the UR5e is designed to grow in capability alongside your business, a spring board to improved product quality and productivity, so you will always be able to stay ahead of competition. Equipped with intuitive programming, versatile use and an almost endless list of opportunities for add-ons, the UR5e is able to complement production regardless of your industry, company size or product nature.

Product Focus: UR10e

The UR10e is an extraordinarily versatile collaborative industrial robot, delivering both high payload (12.5 kg) lift and long reach (1300mm) which makes it well suited for a wide range of applications in machine tending, palletizing, and packaging.

With 25% more payload capacity, you can trust the new UR10e to do more heavy lifting. The UR10e is moving more boxes per pick, processing heavier workpieces, and using heavier tools – so you can boost productivity, improve product quality, and free up your workforce do what they’re best at.  The UR10e is designed to improve a wide range of applications from machine tending to palletizing and packaging in almost any industry.

Product Focus: UR16e

UR16e delivers an impressive 16kg (35.3 lbs.) of payload an 900mm reach within a small footprint, and is ideal for use in heavy machine tending, material handling, packaging, and screw and nut driving applications. This powerhouse robot allows for heavier end of arm tooling and multi-part handling, and is especially useful for achieving shorter cycle times.

Product Focus: UR20

The UR20 is built for higher payloads, faster speeds, and superior motion control all within a lightweight, small footprint system for optimal versatility within your existing production space. No special electrical hookups or costly wiring solutions are required. Even with the big step up in performance, a single-phase standard power outlet is all that’s needed to power the UR20.

With a 1750 mm reach and 20 kg payload capacity, UR’s next generation cobot handles more tasks, fits more applications, and assists in more environments than ever before.

Product Focus: UR-3

The ultra flexible Universal Robots UR3 delivers high-precision accuracy for smaller production environments. The UR3 can modulate payloads of up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs). Designed for shorter reach environments, the UR3 has a reach radius of 500 mm (19.7 in) – allowing it to be deployed in tight spaces and add value to virtually any production environment. The UR3 also has InfiniteSpin™ on the last joint, allowing you to use it for screwing tasks without having to add additional devices.

Product Focus: UR-5

The UR-5 is a 6-axis robot arm with a working radius of 850 mm / 33.5 in and a payload of 5 kg (11 lbs).  With a weight of 18 kilos the UR5 can easily be moved around in the production and used in many different instances.

Product Focus: UR-10

The UR-10 is a 6-axis robot arm with a working radius of 1300 mm / 51.2 in, and a payload of 10 kg (22 lbs).  With a weight of 25 kilos the UR-10 can easily be moved around in the production and used in many different instances. With the user friendly software, the robotic arms can be easily and quickly programmed to perform new tasks.

Product Focus: ActiNav Autonomous Bin Picking

The ActiNav Autonomous Motion Module (AMM) synchronously handles vision processing, collision-free motion planning, and autonomous real-time robot control.

ActiNav setup is intuitive using the Universal Robots teach pendant, teach by demonstration. The intuitive flow-based wizard-guided setup allows in-house resources to do the work in just six steps.

Higher machine uptime with collision-free motion: Autonomous collision-free motion within its environment means fewer operator interventions and system restarts.

Less refilling with deep bins: Autonomous motion enables ActiNav to operate inside deep bins which hold more parts, allowing the systems to run unattended longer and require less filling. When the bin gets low on parts, it notifies workers by an alert light that it’s ready for more parts.

Accurate part placement: Machine tending requires parts to be accurately placed and oriented in the same way each time. The high-resolution sensor and CAD matching enable high accuracy picks and ensures the part is placed in the same way into a fixture each time.

This is not pick and drop, this is accurate pick and part oriented placement.

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