Toyo Desktop Robots

Cartesian Coordinates Robots
Toyo’s  desktop robot series include U-shaped, cantilever, polar coordinates, cross shaped and more. They are faster, more precise, with greater structural rigidity for long-term, dependable use. And they offer increased stability for high speed tracking function.

JTH Series – Ball Screw Type

Ball Screw Type Desktop Robots with motor and controller. Available in 2-axis, 3-axis, and 4-axis.

  • Max. range: 500x500mm
  • Max. speed: 600mm/s
  • Z axis payload: 10Kg
  • Repeatability: ±0.01mm
  • Point location: 10000 points
  • Controller with build-in TSC400







JTB Series – Belt Type

Faster, more precise, with greater structural rigidity for long-term, dependable use. New Type 500D for double X axes to increase production efficiency and increased structural rigidity – ball screw is applied in Z axis.

  • Max Speed up to 850 mm/s
  • Max Stroke: X-500mm, 7-500mm, Z-100mm
  • Max Payload: X:15kg, Z:7kg
  • Repeatability ± 0.01mm












TOYO Ball Screw Type Actuators

Toyo Ball screw driven actuators offer superior repeatability at a variety of payload options.


TOYO’s newly released Rod Type – Y Series Actuators, come assembled with a Rod Style Driven Ballscrew – Accuracy class C7. Compared to standard ballscrew driven actuators, this Rod Type Actuator can be special ordered with a support guide to reduce the rod actuator’s deflection. 

  • Repeatability: ± 0.01 (mm)
  • Horizontal Maximum Payload from 30 (kg)
  • Vertical Maximum Payload from 12 (kg)
  • Maximum Speed: 500 mm/sec
  • Available Stroke Lengths: 50-300 mm


The ECH CLEAN Room Version Ball Screw Driven Actuator, designed for Class 100 environments**

The ECH series actuator by Toyo comes assembled with a high precision ROLLED BALL SCREW – Accuracy class C7 – with preloaded ball nut. It is supported by precision grade recirculating Linear Guides with preloaded carriages to ensure accuracy and stability. 

  • Repeatability: ± 0.005 (mm)
  • Horizontal Maximum Payload from 15kg to150kg
  • Vertical Maximum Payload from 7kg to 55kg
  • Maximum Speed: 250 mm/sec to 2000 mm/sec
  • Available Stroke Lengths: 50-1500 mm


The TOYO GTH Series is the next generation of the well known and widely used ETH Series. The TOYO GTH Series 4, 5, 8, and 12 replaces the ETH 5, 6, 10 and 12 and offers improved features and upgrades in a smaller frame size for equal load ratings. 

  • Repeatability: +0.005 (mm)
  • Horizontal Range 10kg to 110kg
  • Vertical Range 2kg to 33kg
  • Maximum Speed: 100mm/s to 1600mm/s (w/ 32mm lead)
  • Available Stroke Lengths: 50-1250 mm

* All ratings based on 10,000km travel life

TOYO XYGT Orthogonal Modules Series

Through multiple combinations of single-axis slide tables, TOYO has developed 2-axis and 3-axis multi-axis arm operations. At a low price, compared with vertical articulated robots, these ingenious mechanical designed robots realize high rigidity, which can reduce vibration and deformation.

The XYGT offers various possible combinations of single-axis slide tables.

X-axis (GTH12)
position repeatability accuracy: ±0.005 (mm)
screw lead: 20 (mm)
maximum speed: 1000 (mm/sec)
standard effective stroke: 50-1250/50 (mm)
AC servo motor capacity: 400 W

Y-axis (GTH8)
-Position repeatability: ±0.005(mm)
Screw lead: 10(mm)
Maximum speed: 500(mm/sec)
Standard effective stroke: 100-550/50 (mm)
AC servo motor capacity : 200W

Z-axis (GTH5)
Position repeatability accuracy: ±0.005(mm)
Screw lead: 5(mm)
Maximum speed: 250(mm/sec)
Standard effective stroke: 50-350/50 (mm)
AC servo motor capacity : 100+brake

* The maximum speed (mm/s) is based on the maximum speed of the servo motor at 3000rpm/min.