Universal Robots Solutions


Collaborative Robotics 3D Scanning Solutions

Universal Metrology Automation (UMA) by 3D Infotech is a fully integrated hardware/software solution standardizing quality control and is used by factories looking to remove inspection bottlenecks in production process.

The UMA platform allows the use of a variety of structured light scanners, both red and blue, from many different hardware manufacturers, for measuring details on small parts as well as large surfaces. Each scanner is integrated into 3D Infotech’s Streamline software which supports combination of 2D vision, 3D scanning and contact probing devices.



Collaborative Robotics Palletizing Solutions

The miniPal is a mobile, collaborative palletizing solution integrating Universal Robots UR10e.

The miniPal‘s compact design includes lifting column for tall loads, dual stacking locations for continuous load building, built-in fork pockets for easy mobility, and area scanner for additional safety and intuitive pattern-building software.  Sheet placement and product double-picking options are available.



Collaborative Robotics 3D Bin Picking Solutions

ActiNav Autonomous Bin Picking by Universal Robots combines market leading collaborative robots, a 3D sensor and autonomous robot motion control to solve unstructured bin picking and accurate placement for machine tending applications.

ActiNav simplifies the application with end-to-end autonomous motion. This makes random bin picking accessible to small and large production facilities alike.



Collaborative Robotics Sanding and Polishing Solutions

Automate one of the toughest, dirtiest jobs with Robotiq’s Finishing Kit, the only complete sanding and polishing solution for Universal Robots. With the Robotiq Finishing Kit, you’ll save hours of programming, while increasing quality and productivity, and also reducing woker injuries.

This easy to integrate, easy to use solution allows you t start finishing faster: teach six waypoints and let the Finishing Copilot software generate a complete path, applying consistent force at each cycle.



Robotiq CNC Machine Tool Tending Kit

Machine tending is one of the most common uses of collaborative robots on the market.  A robotic machine-tending process can be repeated endlessly, as long as the robot continually receives raw parts.

Robotiq brings you an optimized kit for CNC machine tending applications to improve cycle times, optimize programming, and handle complex part presentation.  You get all the components you need to operate a CNC machine with a cobot in just one kit: Robotiq’s CNC Machine Tending Kit.



Collaborative Robotics Welding Solutions

Collaborative robotic welding solutions are the automation tools that smaller manufacturers can leverage to boost productivity and overcome the skilled labor shortage.

The Vectis cobot welding system is powered by the industry-leading Universal Robots UR10e arm.  Internal safety sensors allow the UR10e to work in close proximity to humans, eliminating the need for permanent barriers.  They do not require a dedicated footprint and are portable; but are limited in reach and external axes, requiring smaller parts, manual re-positioning of parts and/or repositioning of the cobot welder system.



Collaborative Robotics Plasma Cutting Solutions

SnapCut by Arc Specialties allows non-welders and non-robot operators to easily cut shapes into three dimensional, structural-steel components.  SnapCut utilizes the Universal Robots collaborative robot arm to manipulate a Hypertherm cutting torch to the desired positions around the cutting path.

Standard shapes like squares, rectangles, circles are included in the SnapCut software, or C-channels can be selected for parametric programming.  The operator will simply move the cutting torch to a few locations on the cutting surface, hit run, and watch the sparks fly.



Collaborative Robotics Adhesive Dispensing Solutions

Arsenal’s easy-to-implement cartridge dispensing kits rapidly turn the Universal Robot platform into precision dispensing machines.

System includes precision pressure and vacuum controls, robot interface hardware, plus universal syringe/cartridge mount kit for rapid changeover of different adhesive types, syringe volumes, and dispensing tips.  Applicable to most adhesives as well as fluids, gels and sealants.


QC Measuring

Automated Small Part Measuring System

The Q-Span Workstation Solution by NewScale Robotics is a complete, ready-to-use solution for automating digital caliper measurements, data logging and part handling.

Pick, measure, sort and place with one easy-to-use system. Installs quickly with minimal change to existing facilities and process flow. Fast part changeover for agile automation.