Universal Robots Training

Learn how to setup and program a Universal Robot including best practices, programming and safety

Who should Attend: This class is for Engineers and Technicians responsible for the set up and operation of a Universal Robots installation.

Included in this event:

  • Comprehensive knowledge from Olympus Controls Application Engineers and Robotic Specialists
  • Hands-on lab time with UR robots
  • Lunch with open discussion

By the end of the class, the student will be confident in setting up a robot application:

  • Operate the robot in a safe way
  • Create and modify basic application programs
  • Manage program files
  • Operate Input and Output signals to communicate with other devices


  • Safety
  • Startup
  • Program Flow
  • Pick & Place
  • Palletizing
  • Force Control
  • Deployment

Price $500 for this one-day course

Dates and Locations

May 6, 2020 Kent, WA REGISTER
May 13, 2020 San Diego, CA REGISTER
June 3, 2020 Tualatin, OR REGISTER
June 17, 2020 Fremont, CA REGISTER
July 8, 2020 Kent, WA REGISTER
July 22, 2020 San Diego, CA REGISTER
August 12, 2020 Tualatin, OR REGISTER
August 26, 2020 Fremont, CA REGISTER
September 9, 2020 Kent, WA REGISTER
September 23, 2020 San Diego, CA REGISTER
October 7, 2020 Tualatin, OR REGISTER
October 21, 2020 Fremont, CA REGISTER
November 11, 2020 Kent, WA REGISTER
November 17, 2020 San Diego, CA REGISTER
December 9, 2020 Tualatin, OR REGISTER
December 15, 2020 Fremont, CA REGISTER