Yaskawa Smart Series Collaborative Robotics

Quickly and easily implement a wide range of industrial collaborative applications that adapt to your working environment.

The Yaskawa Smart Series is a new generation of collaborative robotics, with powerful application capabilities for which Yaskawa is known. These robots are for customers looking for easy automation, meaning an industrial robot to automate tasks that require it to work in close proximity to humans.

Unlike traditional more complex robot execution, which requires significant upfront investment in training, Smart Series technology provides simple, intuitive robot programming and operation methods for your workforce. Easily adaptable to changing manufacturing requirements, this suite of products can readily be deployed and redeployed for its next job.


Improves production rate

  • Industry-rated payload and speed 
  • Can be used in a wide variety of real-world applications
  • Quality and support ensure minimal downtime


Quickly achieves ROI

  • Reduced physical guarding
  • Fast-tracks project to implementation
  • Enables new employees to get up to speed in a matter of days


Reduces risk 

  • Advanced pinchless geometry
  • Power and force limiting with Functional Safety Unit
  • Innovative through-arm utilities


Empowers staff

  • Intuitive user interface that does not compromise capability
  • Quick fault recovery and troubleshooting
  • Online training available for all