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WHO IS HELPING EXECUTE YOUR FACTORY OF THE FUTURE STRATEGY? Using best-in-class partners, we plan, design, and execute custom automation solutions for a diverse clientroster, including 36 of the top Fortune 100 companies. We help our clients increase efficiency and maximizeproductivity by growing creative, dynamic ideas into winning factory strategies. For nearly 20 years, we’veset the global standard for achieving what’s never been done before in machine automation.

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Machine performance is much more than just a simple feeds-and-speeds specification. It’s the confidence that your machine will perform as expected in a way that consistently outperforms your competition. For nearly 20 years we have been helping our clients design and build motion-centric machines, let us apply our knowledge and expertise to your next machine design.


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With the increased demand Track-and-Trace information your supply chain wants to know where your product has been, where is right now, and where it is going. Machine Vision and RFID solutions are critical technologies in preserving this supply chain integrity.


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There is a huge manufacturing renaissance happening with North American and robotics are at the point of that spear. Olympus Controls has assembled a very unique collection of industrial, collaborative, and mobile robots that can tackle any size project.

Industrial IoT

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Olympus Controls’ cutting-edge product portfolio ensures superior performance for industrial IoT applications. Our solutions take connectivity to the next level by expanding communication and collaboration between various devices, technologies, systems and protocols. We help you drive productivity and cost reduction through network convergence from the edge to the core.


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