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The MiR250 has a footprint of 580 x 800 mm and a height of only 30 centimeters while still being able to move as much as 250 kg with a speed of 2 meters/second. This makes the AMR more agile than any other AMRs on the market and highly adaptable for challenging environments. Thanks to the small footprint, it can drive in spaces as narrow as 80 centimeters. So, doors and elevators that can be an obstacle for other mobile robots, are not a problem for the MiR250.


  • PAYLOAD 250 kg
  • MAX SPEED 2 m/s
  • MAX RUN TIME 13 hrs
  • AVG CHARGING TIME 4 min / 1 hr
  • DIMENSIONS 800 mm x 580 mm
  • POSITIONING ACCURACY 3 mm (with marker)


The MIR1350 has a top mounted capacity of 1350kg, perfect for handling very heavy pallets or other large footprint loads at up to 1.2m/s.  With a full shift battery life and fast charging, the uptime approaches 20 hours per day.  Easy programming and pallet docking makes deployments quick and helps to reduce forklift traffic in sensitive or populated areas in the facility.  Built in safety functions allows this robot to operate around people, even with a max payload.


  • MOUNTED PAYLOAD 1350 kg / 2976 lb
  • PALLET LIFT PAYLOAD 1250 kg / 2755 lb
  • MAX SPEED 1.2 m/s
  • RUN TIME 8 h max payload / 16 h standby
  • AVG CHARGING TIME 10-90%: 45 min
  • DIMENSIONS 1350 mm x 910 mm
  • POSITIONING ACCURACY 2 mm (with VL marker)


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