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Visual Robotics VIM-303

VIM-303 is a complete vision system and robot controller in a single package with 3D vision, 12 megapixel image capture, and onboard-lighting. It can be arm-mounted or fixed-mounted, and visually locates and tracks static or moving objects with ease — and no encoders. Pick and place programming is accomplished with code-free drag-and-drop blocks, or via our Python API. VIM-303 turns your UR robot into a vision-enabled, multi-purpose tool.


  • RESOLUTION 12MP Color; 1MP Stereo
  • DEPTH OF FIELD 80 mm - Infinity
  • FIELD OF VIEW 550 mm x 408 mm (at 400mm)
  • ON-BOARD Hi-Res Auto-Focus Color Camera; Stereo Cameras; 4-bank lighting; Image Processor; Motion Controller
  • COMMUNICATIONS Gigabit Ethernet

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