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Penny Smith

Accounting Specialist


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What is your job title, and what does that position entail?

I am in accounting. I work side by side with our accounting team to ensure we are entering the AP correctly and  paying on time.  I handle all of the AR responsibilities of customer payments as well as working with the CAR team to keep our collections as low as possible.  We as a team excel at working with the customer to make sure we are both a good fit for each other with the understanding of teamwork together can make profits for both of us.

How long have you worked at Olympus, where did you come from? A little history of how you got involved with Olympus?

I have worked for Olympus since November 2002 and previously before this I worked in AR/Customer Service for many different companies which allowed me many great work environments to be able to grow and develop my skills in work process’s as well as working with many different personalities.

What do you like best about working at Olympus?

I have two favorite parts to my job, one is that I can come to work every day and not have to be micro-managed. I am confident in the job I do and I know how to do it. I love that the management team has the kind of faith in me as well as the other CSR’s to be able to make key decisions that are best for the customer and our relationships with them as well as the suppliers. This is a win, win for everyone. My second favorite part of my job is my co-workers. I consider them my friends and my loyalty is to those people that make my job easier to come to every day and work with them, they are awesome and I take pride in calling them my friends, not my co-workers.

Describe some of your hobbies – what do you like to do outside of work?

I love spending time with my family and friends no matter what we are doing.  I have been married 30 yrs to my high school sweetheart and we have two wonderful children and two grand children.  I love to go camping, fishing, sporting events and concerts.

What is one thing your customers might find surprising about you?

I don’t pump my own gas no matter where I am at. If I travel to another state, I don’t leave Oregon unless my tank is full, and I would pay someone to pump it in another state in case of an emergency.

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