Paul Woodhouse

Regional Sales Manager


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What is your job title, and what does that position entail?

Strategic Accounts Manager. In addition to a traditional sales roll, I provide design assistance, engineering and component selection to our clients that have the most complex needs

How long have you worked at Olympus, where did you come from? A little history of how you got involved with Olympus?

I have been with Olympus since February 2002. Before Olympus, I was living in Albuquerque NM working for a cell carrier as a switch technician.  From childhood, I have also enjoyed playing around with electronics.  I knew Silas Robertson through my sister, they attended school together.  I ran into Silas at her wedding and we got talking about what I did for work, my technical background, experience as a technician and passion for all things electronic. He gave me his card and told me about Olympus Controls. I’ve always had a passion for automation and creating things that move. Once I learned about Olympus Controls the career path for me became clear and the rest is history.

What do you like best about working at Olympus?

The people. I love working with my clients as well as my internal teams. It’s great going to work, meeting with people that also share the excitement of making things that move.

Describe a little of your past history.

When I started at Olympus, there were only 8 of us in the company. I began as an assistant that built cables and put together demos for the sales team.  From there, my role developed into building sub-assemblies, prototypes for customers, teaching classes and general field support which was mostly centered around electrical and software. As we built teams around these roles I was able to move into an outside sales role in 2008 and finally a strategic accounts manager a few years later.

Describe some of your hobbies – what do you like to do outside of work?

Anything on the water and even better with camping involved.  I grew up waterskiing and knee boarding and more recently took up a bit of wakeboarding, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking.  Really, any opportunity to get outside with my wife and kids is good, adding water makes it even better!

What are some key lessons you have taken from your career thus far?

Loving what you do every day is what really matters in a life.  It helps balance the inherent stress of a fast paced job.There is no end to learning. Just when you think you have something figured out, change is always just around the corner.  This is also what keeps things from getting boring.

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